Urgent – Local government reorganisation – maximum consultation response required

The consultation on this closes on 25th October. Purbeck has the lowest number of completed questionaires of all the districts in Dorset. This may be interpreted as Purbeck doesn’t care – we should, because there are significant implications for us all.

Information and questionnaires are available on line, and in the library.

A few points not obvious from the published information:

1, don’t be fooled by option 1 which may seem to be no change, it is.

2, ALL options include the formation of one or more unitary councils to replace the function of Dorset County Council but with significantly less representation from districts, and increases representation from the enterprise partnership.

3, councils are required to make significant savings due to reductions in government funding, which need to take effect prior to the formation of the unitary councils.

4, the necessary savings have been identified and are on track for rural Dorset, but not the conurbations, which are in difficulty.

5, there is a lack of a publicly available business case, so one is led to wonder who is behind the exercise, and why the democratic process is under threat.

6, tThere is a campaign under way for much of Dorset to become a National Park for which the Swanage Town and Community Partnership, CPRE, our Society, and many other organisations have expressed support. This should be borne in mind when deciding which option to favour.